Welcome to my new film and television blog

Hey fellow film buffs! My name is Aaron Berke. I’m a long time film and television enthusiast, and I wanted to create this blog as an outlet to share my work. I plan to post video logs featuring my reviews of films and television shows (the first videos you’ll see are my reviews of the latest episodes of Breaking Bad). I’m going to attempt to stay up to date, and my reviews will primarily focus on new shows and movies, though I will also post up my impressions of older releases if I’m seeing them for the first time.

For a bit more information, I’m also a film writer for the website WhatCulture.com, and I will link many of the WhatCulture articles I publish to this blog.  I’m also a filmmaker, having written, directed, edited and produced a few short films (email me if you’d like to see them). I recently graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in Film and Television. I’m hoping to one day work in Hollywood, but for now my goal with this blog is to demonstrate my passion for film by sharing my insights and ideas with all who are interested. Welcome to the Dream Factory.


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